Buick Auto China 2014

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For the american car brand Buick i was part of the team to bring their stage at the car fair “Auto China 2014″ in Beijing to life.
The team faced the task of conceptualising 6 distinct worlds. My part was to come up with two of them – namely “Performance” and “Aspiration”.
Despite the unusual aspect ratio of 20:1 it was fun to do because it challenged me to think “wide”.

Production: ACHT Imaging

Art Direction: Oliver Maassen
Styleframes & Animation:
Christian Lerch

Additional 3D:
Carol Ratajczak

I am a graduated designer, living in Frankfurt, Germany. My work takes me to places like Switzerland, France, the United States and China. Currently I'm employed as motion designer at Acht Frankfurt. But I might go back working as a freelance artist in the future.