Imagine a car travels at night at 90 km/h, swings off the road and crashes into a tree. Discovering the space between the status quo and the catastrophe, I try to give a new perspective. In three minutes, I visualised the suffering both of the machine and the person involved – a symphony of destruction.

All injuries and damages on the car are based on two real-life accidents.
The accident reads as follows:

“One day at 21:10 PM in November 2008, a Ford Focus left the road at 90 km/h and crashed frontal against a tree with 25 cm diameter. The driver was a 28 year old white male who was transported with 13 distinct injuries into the hospital and stayed there for 12 days. Among the injuries were fractures of the femoral bone, ulna, shinbone and calf bone, contusion of the kidney, liver artery crevice.”

It’s shocking how data can tell a story to detail. For instance, it tells you that the driver was obese and that blood stains were still on the airbag. The tree penetrated 92 cm into the engine compartment and pressed the instrument panel in the driver’s cabin.
This emotional impact was one of the reasons I did this film.


Everything you see: Christian Lerch
Everything you hear: Bernhard Dulle

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