As part of the „Volkswagen Brand SUV Night“ in Shanghai we created motion graphics to stage the cars and gave every single one of them a specific character. These are the Director's Cut of the films that show more of the graphics we did.

Client: Volkswagen Group China
Agency: ACHT, Auditoire China
Agency Producer: Dennis Brandt, Rene Petit
Creative Director: Alfredo Picardi Rockenbach
Visual Director: Simon Mayer
Music: Taku Sakakibara / OngaQ
Production Company: Tribe
Executive Producer: Kjell Kunde
Motion Graphics: Christian Lerch
Director: Doggie Tsao
DoP: Paul Da Hai
Producers: Tommy Tang, Shawn Ma
Director’s Cut: Christian Lerch


Concept images

Other Director's Cuts

I also did a couple of edits for other segments of the show to give these graphics more room to breathe and feature more of the respective artist's work.

Motion Graphics: Bianca Schaurer-Spiess, Linus Brandes, Louison Menoux, Daniel Marks
Director’s Cut: Christian Lerch
Other credits as above